Legislative Priorities

Public education is a partnership between school district and the state of Texas. With rising academic standards set by the Texas Legislature, each district should have appropriate state resources to educate all students. Committed to setting high expectations for all students, Brazosport ISD has identified the following legislative priorities for the Texas Legislature’s consideration.

School Finance

  • Brazosport ISD supports legislation making public education a top priority.
  • Brazosport ISD advocates to modernize and simplify the school finance system to create a more transparent and equitable system.
  • Brazosport ISO advocates for truth in taxation as it relates to the implications of rising property values and the decline in state funding for public education.
  • Brazosport ISD advocates the state to share the cost of funding public schools by providing at least 50 percent of the Foundation School Program formula funding to reduce the over reliance on state local property taxes.
  • Brazosport ISD advocates for the modernization of school funding weights, allotments, and adjustments, such as the Cost of Education Index, to support the true cost of educating students.
  • Brazosport ISD advocates for funding for full-day Pre-Kindergarten.
  • Brazosport ISD advocates for funding for career and technical education for students in 8th grade.

School Safety

  • Brazosport ISD advocates for additional and ongoing state funding for school safety initiatives and for flexibility in how districts utilize these funds to meet the unique needs of local schools and communities.
  • Brazosport ISO advocates state funded support for increased counseling services and campus based mental and behavioral health services for students. The academic needs of students cannot be separated from the social, emotional and behavioral needs of students and vice-versa.

Teacher Retirement System

  • Brazosport ISD advocates for the continuation of the current defined benefit pension for TRS members with increased state funding to assist with increased health care costs without shifting the costs to teachers, school employees or school districts.
  • Brazosport ISD advocates to allow school districts to opt out of TRS-Active Care.


  • Brazosport ISD opposes any state plan that would use vouchers, tax credits, taxpayer savings grants, tuition reimbursements, or other means to divert public tax dollars to private entities, homeschooled students, or parents with no academic or financial accountability or transparency to the state, tax payers, or local communities.

Charter Schools

  • Brazosport ISD opposes the further expansion of charter schools, including increases in the number of campuses under existing charters, unless they are subject to the same accountability and transparency rules as traditional public schools including, but not limited to: public notices, school discipline, transportation, bilingual programs, policy notices, employment contracts, special education requirements, lunch programs, and enrollment criteria.


  • Brazosport ISO advocates for the establishment ofa comprehensive accountability system that looks beyond high stakes one day testing, multiple choice exams to meaningful assessments that have value for students, parents, and teachers, as well as measures what each community deems important in promoting college and career readiness.
  • Brazosport ISO opposes the campus and district A-F rating system.
  • Brazosport ISD advocates for a compliant state accountability system for students governed by individualized education programs.


  • Brazosport ISD advocates for the expansion of options available to school districts designated as Districts of Innovation.
  • Brazosport ISD opposes any requirement for a super-majority or voter turnout to pass new school bonds.
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